About Us

About Us

Two people, one vision – how BeeFound came to be


Don't Search, BeeFound

BeeFound is the brainchild of husband and wife team James and Catherine Birchmore. And in many ways, it’s no surprise they’ve created this innovative new way to arrange locum cover...

Catherine is now a GP Partner at an Edinburgh practice. But like many GPs starting out, she did her fair share of locuming. The hours searching for work. The race to respond when work became available. The accompanying stress! Catherine experienced it all. There had to be an easier way.

Her partner James saw and shared her frustrations. As an experienced web developer, he saw the potential for an online service that would make it easy for GP locums and practices to connect with each other. So after months of planning and preparation, James and Catherine went for it.

Our vision is simple:

To make life simpler for practices and locums and – in the process – make cancelled surgeries and inconvenienced patients a thing of the past. Which makes BeeFound a win win win you could say.

To find out more about BeeFound or share your thoughts on the service contact us at:

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BeeFound is a humble little company from the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. mail

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