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GP locums, why search for work when you can BeeFound?

BeeFound makes it easier to be a GP Locum. Instead of searching for work, let practices find you based on your actual availability. Join today for Free.


A new way to make being a GP locum easier

Being a GP locum has its challenges - but finding locum work doesn’t have to be one of them. That’s thanks to BeeFound, the new service that connects GP locums and practices across Scotland, easily, quickly and efficiently

Join BeeFound today and discover a simple way to take control of your GP locum work. BeeFound gives you the power to choose when and where you are found for locum sessions.

Choose which practices you would be happy to work at

Using our interactive map, draw the area you would like to work in, and opt in to any practices that are within that area. Filter your search based on the computer system the practice uses so you always know what to expect.

Enter and keep updated your actual daily availabilty

Using our website or via your smartphone or tablet just enter which days each month you have availabilty, and if that availabilty is in the morning, afternoon or all day. Then just sit back and let practices search and find you.

BeeFound is on all devices
Set your availabilty

Get booked for locum work with minimum effort and fuss.

No more time-consuming and stressful hunting for locum work. Practices find and book you based on your stated availability and choice of practices. All you have to do is say yes!

Control when and where you work, at the touch of a button

Just say when you can work (not when you can’t) and which practices across Scotland you would be happy to work at. Enter and keep updated your availabilty via our website or your smartphone or tablet.

Confirm or decline sessions by SMS text message

You can confirm or decline a booking by text. Plus, with BeeFound, you can control the latest time a practice can book you (giving you ample notice) and opt in for same day or emergency bookings.

A fair and equal service

Our search technology uses unique algorithms developed in conjuction with Edinburgh's Napier University to ensure every GP locum has a fair and equal chance of being found and booked if they have availabilty the practice is searching for.

Search practices via interactice google map
Cancel Bookings with ease

Lots of exciting new features coming soon

Like automated job invoicing and payment tracking, tracking your mileage and completing expense reports with a single click, and many many more.

It’s free to join right now

BeeFound is completely free for GP locums to join. And with hundreds of practices across Scotland already using BeeFound to find GP locums, there’s even more reason to register today.

Get booked for work with minimum effort and fuss.

BeeFound makes getting booked for work that you want to do easy, and gives you the control that you need.

SMS & Email Booking Notifications

Confirm or decline bookings instantly via SMS text message or login to your account.

Minumum Booking Period

Set a minimum booking notification, to fit with your requirements.

Easy Booking Cancelations

Cancel bookings instantly and without hassle via the website.

Emergency Bookings

Control if you are happy to work short notice or emergency locum cover.

Travel Directions

Recieve directions for new jobs to your phone and e-mail, so they are always on hand.

Handy Booking Reminders

Get reminders of upcoming jobs via SMS and Email.

What our GP Locums are saying

Customer Testimonial
I find it really easy as I hardly have to do any work at finding jobs as they come to me! Clair Melville - GP Locum
Customer Testimonial
The benefit & best thing is having automatic bookings come to you within working hours! Jane MacDonagh - GP Locum

Looking for locum work for when
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